My name is Jacqueline, I'm 26 years young and recently had Spinal Fusion Surgery on September 6, 2016. Before I found out I needed surgery I had plans to travel to Bali and volunteer with kids and endangered sea turtles. I was set to leave September 18,2016. My heart was crushed when I had to cancel, it was as if my dream had been ripped away.  Something I'd been longing to do for years so close and in a flash gone. I created this site out of a dark time to influence all the "Twisted Wanderers" out there, to help people,to let them in on my journey of scoliosis surgery and my wanderer dreams I will soon be pursuing when I'm healed. I want to remind all the scoliosis warriors out there, you are not alone and we're not broken and we can do whatever we want.  The words "twisted wanderer" are two words I hold very close to my heart, we are the wild childs who won't let pain get in the way of chasing our dreams, the ones with travel in our blood, the dreamers and we can do anything we want.
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